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With the cost of living going through the roof and extra money becoming an endangered species, hunting for a great deal is always a good idea. With flexiFED Savvy, we can help you conserve your cash and save a few bucks while enjoying world-class medical aid!

When it comes to affordable medical aid for under-35s, Fedhealth’s newly launched flexiFED Savvy option is perfect. Not only does it start from just R945 per month, making it South Africa’s most affordable medical aid for the digitally savvy generation, but it’s packed with great benefits.

flexiFED Savvy is SA’s most affordable, fully-fledged medical aid (not just medical insurance!) option for the young, digitally savvy generation. It’s not ideal once you reach the age where the like of hip and knee replacements come into play, but while you’re still young, healthy and under 35, it provides all the cover you need and more.

Unlimited private
hospitalisation and cover
with network GPs and
specialists in-hospital

3 face-to-face
GP consultations
per year

Unlimited virtual
(video call)
GP consultations

In addition, you’ll get seven days of take-home medicine after a hospital stay, 30-day post-hospitalisation treatment, female contraceptives, specialised radiology and a screening benefit – great benefits that Fedhealth is known for. As with all flexiFED options, you can also access day-to-day savings if needed.